Catalyst showcases holistic automated solution to improve CX with intelligent robots

  Operations automation is delivering tangible value for service providers today to support customers and reduce operational costs. With artificial intelligence and robotics, the value grows exponentially, as demonstrated in this recent catalyst project. It codifies a real-world use case that delivers a fully automated digital journey for consumers, complete with diagnostics that automate the resolution of issues with a proactive zero-touch approach.  

Pete Koat, CTO, Incognito

As customer experience and operational efficiency become central to business strategies for CSPs, leveraging artificial intelligence and enabling proactive issue troubleshooting are key areas where operations can:

  • Contain OPEX
  • Reduce negative NPS impacts
  • Ensure 24*7 proactive and personalized experiences to subscribers

In a recent catalyst project demonstrated at TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2018 in Nice, Orange, a leading global service provider, led the development of a catalyst designed to improve customer experience using intelligent robots and process automation.


  • Problems with Orange Livebox, the xDSL and Fiber fixed-line home router, would frequently result in the exchange of a subscriber’s current device for a new device
  • Customers needed to visit a retail outlet to exchange their devices, even when service problems may have been unrelated to the device.
  • Exchanging a Livebox device required that the Livebox be sent back to Orange’s warehouse for reconfiguration, testing, and potential recycling

Proof Points

  • Only 50% of customers returning devices to store actually had faulty CPE
  • It was estimated that servicing customers with non-faulty devices caused 2% increase in OPEX
  • Revenue loss occured due to loss on potential purchase when customers returned the Livebox

Catalyst collaboration

A catalyst solution to deliver enhanced CX through intelligent robots was developed through a partnership with Orange, Incognito, Re:infer, Blueprism, AwareX, and Prodapt.

This solution enables cognitive automation to better understand subscribers, deliver next-best action triggers with artificial intelligence, and accurately and automatically troubleshoot and resolve issues while closing the communication loop with customers.

Incognito provides the subscriber service subscription, the device repository and the tools necessary to manage, diagnose and resolve the subscriber issues automatically
AwareX offers omnichannel support options to open communication for subscribers, allowing them to initiate self-service inquiries on their own terms, 24 x 7
Blueprism and Prodapt robotic process automation (RPA) qualifies & validates data and triggers next-best actions based on configurable logic
Re:infer automates the analysis of unstructured data to minimize nonessential OPEX due to human intervention while exponentially reducing the time it takes to trigger actions

Solution benefits and expected resultsThis holistic solution provides omnichannel communication for subscribers, automated analysis and next-best action triggers with artificial intelligence, and rapid technical problem resolution for residential customers. Orange has estimated results from this project:

  • 60% reduction in number of CPE returns
  • 15% estimated increase in NPS
  • 40M Euro estimated cost savings per year for Orange France business unit

Learn more about this cutting-edge solution for enhancing customer experience in the following presentation from TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2018: